Bicycle Repair

Your repair cost = service charge + cost of parts.

Our mechanic will inspect your bicycle and make recommendations, and you tell us what you'd like to have done. There are no surprise costs.

Every bike we touch receives complimentary chain lube and tire inflation.

Flat Fix: $8 + Tube

The Express Fix: $55 For simple bikes, quick checkovers, and safety inspections.  We wipe down your frame, check every nut, bolt, nook and cranny, and make adjustments to the shifting, braking, bottom brackets, and headsets.  

The Signature Fix: $80   Your bike frame is cleaned and inspected.  Wheels are removed, trued, and hubs are adjusted.  Shifting and braking are adjusted. Headsets and bottom brackets are inspected and adjusted.  All fasteners are safety-checked. The mechanic test rides each bike.

The Executive Fix: $120  The pre-season polish. This includes everything in the Signature Fix, but we go a lot deeper. All drivetrain parts are removed and cleaned. Fresh grease is applied to any bearing that needs it.  

The Extreme Fix:  $250  Not as sprightly as you were in high school? Neither is your full suspension bike. For bikes with some hard miles under them, this covers everything under the Executive Fix, plus some love to the pivots, bushings, and linkage. It also comes with a bit of a labor discount if you want the fork and shock overhauled as well (highly recommended).  

Bike Assembly: Call for Price $50-$100:  Order a bike online? No judgement here. We can assemble it and get it ready to ride. Let us know what you have; most bikes require a complete tune up plus removal and disposal of shipping material.

Box Bike: $65  Your bike gets professionally prepared and protected for shipping and placed in an appropriately sized bike box.

Suspension Service

Some suspensions are more complex than others, so the costs reflected here are ballpark estimates. Talk to your mechanic for the cost of servicing your particular suspension piece, because they vary. These estimates do not include seals, wipers, or replacement parts. Each piece is serviced and function-checked on a dyno.

Lower Fork Lubrication and Seal Service: $50

Fork Full Overhaul: $130

Individual Air Spring Service: $20

Individual Damper Service: $20

Shock Air Can Service: $30

Full Shock Overhaul: $80 - $120

Dropper Post Overhaul: $40 - $85 call for availability


Classes & Consultations

Suspension Set-Up Consultation: Pricing varies depending on what fits your needs and how much time you need.  Generally, we charge $40 - $60 an hour. Contact us and we can work out some specifics.  

New Bike Purchase Consultation: Generally, we charge $40-$60 an hour. Need some help determining which bicycle is the best fit for you? Which style? Which size? When should you buy a gender specific bicycle? We've got the answers.

Class Instruction: call for details. Whether you want a quick "Bicycle Repair 101" where you learn just the basics to get by as a recreational bicyclist, or you want more advanced repair training, let's get it started. This could be a course spread out over several weeks, a quick class, or a longer day class. It can prepare you for a bicycling trip, give you something to do at a bachelor/ette party, or give your hobby group a new skill.

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